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Coco Pots

Coco-coir pots are made up of coconut husk are delivered from the fibrous body between the husk and the coconut. These biodegradable pots are an excellent growing medium because plants can be transplanted into the pot itself. Coco-coir pots have an exceptionally high permeability to water, air, and roots. The coir pots break down naturally in the soil, which minimizes root disturbance at the time of planting. Gardeners looking for faster cultivation, an excellent root system, and re-establishment without any shock from transplanting use Coco CoirPots.

Coco Pots also called coir pots or coconut coir pots are biodegradable pots or planters made from coconut fibers. They are widely used in horticulture and home gardening because they have their own advantages which we will discuss shortly. These coco pots are available in different sizes and shapes including seedling cups, handling pots, and other types of fancy planters.

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Coco Liner - Hangers

Coco baskets are Flexible high strength baskets ideal for indoor and outdoor plants in many sizes. They are highly durable and have water retention capacity. They can be used as a protector for the plants which need more care in the nursery and could be carried to the sites where it is difficult for the vegetation to take place.

Coco Conical - Hangers

This conical basket can be mounted on the walls and doors. It brings added appearance to the house, office, garden, etc. In the world moving towards green products, our products plan an important part.

Coco Wall Half Liner

This product is manufactured by making use of the best quality coco fibers which have to enable it to retain water for maximum time. These baskets is offeredin various sizes in order to cater diverse requirments of the clients and line vertical wall garden.

Coco Spanish Pot

Coco Spanish pot are square in shape and looks elegant growing smaller like cactus and succulents plants etc.,

Coco Spanish Cup

Coco Spanish cups are smaller in size than the coco Spanish cup.

Peat Coins

These coins are available in different sizes for the size of containers. This maintains moisture, controls weed and the plant grows without any disturbance. We can stop evaporation and save water.

Netted Coins

These netted coins are in different sizes for different sizes of plants. It makes it easy to move the plants and plants into the soil without disturbing the roots.

Bell Pot or Birds Feeder

Coir Bell is a beautiful pot that can be placed on any table to enhance the beauty of the place. It is made of natural materials like bamboo and jute that are completely safe for the birds and also look good. This pot has a small hole at the bottom that makes it easy to clean. There is a small bell attached to the pot that makes it look even more beautiful. The birds will also love this pot as they can feed on the seeds that fall from the pot.

Coco Liners

A Coco liner is a type of liner made from coco fibers. Coco liner are used in a variety of applications, including as liners for hanging baskets, planters, and window boxes. Coco liners provide a natiural way to line these containers, and they help to prevent roots from penetrating the sides of the container. Ccco liners also help to retain moisture in the soll, which is beneficial for plants.

Seeding Tray or Mint Tray

A Seeding tray is a small, shallow planting tray with a clear lid. The tray is filled with a growing medium, such as potting soil, and is used to start seeds indoors. Mint trays are similar to seeding trays, but they are used to grow mint plants.

Coco Liner Hanger Set

Coco Baksets are flexible High Strength baskets ideal for indoor and outdoor plants of various sizes. They can be used as a protector for the plants which needs more care and could be caried to the sites where it is difficult for the vegetation to take place.

Coco Poles

We are engaged in offering an extra ordinary range of Coco poles these poles are high in demand because of their striking features such as strength high water retention capacity and durability. offered Coco poles are manufactured using the finest raw material, as per the lay down industrial parameters. These are mostly used to support growing creeping plants and vines. Nurseries are regular customer for the quality Coco poles

Coco Mulchmat

We have acquired in manufacturing and extensive range of coco mulch mats. This product is manufactured using we have occur education in manufacturing and extensive range of coco Mult mats.

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