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Coir Logs

We supply High Quality Coir logs that have a wide area of application facilitating site stability and vegetation where steepness or exposure to waves and currents cause damages. We manufacture coir log stuffed with coir fiber and covered with coir geotextiles with duration of 4 to 5 Years. They are offered in various grades and finish to suit the comfort of the user.


MaterialCoconut Coir Logs
DiameterAvailable in 200mm & 300mm
Length (meter)3 m
Packing TypesLDPE and HDPE

Load Ability

  • 200mm Coir Log - 640 pieces
  • 300mm Coir Log - 300 pieces


  • Water diversion
  • Sediment filtration
  • Slit pond construction
  • Spill containment
  • Sand control
  • Stream Bank Stabilization Flood control
  • Special Coir Bio Logs.

Coir Netted Sheet

Coir matting or netting is used to prevent soil erosion, reinforce slopes and banks against the force of water, and as a weed suppressant. Coir matting can also be used to provide temporary surfaces during construction projects.

Coir Needle Felt Roll

The Coir needle Felt Rollmaking garden articles, door panels, roofing sheets, cocolawn, geo textile, rubber matttress etc.

Coco Coir Scrubber

A coir scrubber is a type of brush made from coconut husks. It is used to scurb surface clean, such as floor,walls, and countertops.

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