Coco Growbags

Coco Growbags

We are one of the leading suppliers and Produce international standard quality of coco grow bags. Our grow bags are 100% coco peat or coco peat with husk mixed quality placed in a special UV-protected polyethylene film for planting & draining. It is fully Hydroponics with suitable for different Re- Hydration Capacities and air-fill porosity depending upon the growing plant’s requirements. Our strict quality control regime ensures that only the best coir Grow Bags reach our customers. Grow bags are packed in high-density, co-extruded plastic bags, which are UV treated for at least a minimum of 2 years.


  • Ready to grow Expandable bags for professional growing
  • Easy to handle and reconstitute (Medium compression Ratio)
  • Better control on irrigation
  • Different sizes / volume, material structure possible


  • A perfect multipurpose growing media for horticulture
  • Viable alternative to peat mass
  • High water retention capacity
  • UV Treated for 2-3 Years


Sizes (CM) Volume (LIT) No of Pcs in 40hc Container Uses
100 X 18 X 16366400Tomatoes
100 X 20 X 15307300Roses
100 X 20 X 10209500Strawberries
100 X 20 X 81610500Lettuce
100 X 20 X 12248000Paprika and Capsicum

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