Buffered Cocopeat

Buffered Cocopeat

Buffered Cocopeat is a type of cocopeat that has been treated with a buffering agent to help maintain a stable pH level. Cocopeat has a naturally high pH level, which can be problematic for certain types of plants that prefer a more acidic soil environment. To address this issue, we treat some cocopeat products with a buffering agent, such as sulphur or aluminium sulphate, to lower the pH and make the cocopeat more acidic.

Our Buffered Cocopeat is often used in hydroponic systems or for growing plants that prefer a more acidic soil environment, such as blueberries or azaleas. It is also sometimes used in seed starting mixes or as a soil amendment to adjust the pH of the soil. It’s important to note that the effectiveness of buffered cocopeat can vary depending on the type and amount of buffering agent used, as well as the initial pH of the cocopeat. It may be necessary to test the pH of the cocopeat before using it to ensure that it is suitable for the plants you are growing.

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