Cocopeat 5kg Blocks

Cocopeat 5kg Blocks

Coco peat Blocks are made mainly for commercial use. It is reconstituted and used as a growing medium by greenhouse cultivators and for potting mixes. After reconstitution, it is mixed with fertilizer and other additives and packed as a retail pack by manufacturers of growing medium. Cocopeat is washed dried & compressed into 5 kg blocks for your convenience. Cocopeat / Coco Coir / Coco Fiber has a unique ability to withstand high compaction force without leaving its beneficial structure. It is an Organic matter and completely biodegradable. Coco Peat is an Excellent Growing Medium and an Ideal Substitute for peat moss.


  • Cocopeat 5kg bales provides good water retention property to soil
  • Enhances soil wetting
  • Acts as a solid potting medium and substratum for plants
  • Available in unwrapped blocks for wholesale market and individually wrapped blocks for retail market as well

Load Ability

  • Bulk / Floor Loading : 5300 blocks per 40 HC
  • Pallet Loading : 4600 blocks per 40ft HC
  • No of pallets : 20 per 40ft HC
  • 1 pallet : 230 blocks
  • 20 pallets : 4600 blocks per 40ft HC


Unit Weight5 Kg(+/-3%)
Dimensions100x18x4 cms
ECBelow 0.7 μS/cm
PH6.5 – 7.5%
MoisureBelow 15%
Sand RatioBelow 3%
Volume15 -16 Liters Per Kg (Expansion)

Packaging & Shipping


Hydraulically Compressed Block, Palletised: Blocks assembled in pallet and stretch wrapped, Non-palletised: Blocks assembled loose(Floor Loading) within the container

Container Loadability(Palletised)

240 Blocks/Pallet, 20 Pallets/40 ft. HQ Container (24 MT)

Container Loadability(Non-Palletised)

5200 Blocks/40 ft. HQ Container (26 MT)


How to Use

Cocopeat 5kg Blocks


Place the cocopeat block in a large tub and fill it with water.

Coco 650g Bricks


The cocopeat block will expand upto 5 times its weight.

Coco Chips

Ready to Use Chips

Add directly to the planter or mix it with soil.

Get ready to beautify and grow your garden with our Coco Products

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