Husk Chips Blocks

Husk Chips Blocks with Mixer

  • Husk Chips blocks are preferred for growing plants.
  • These raw materials are sieved to remove the fine particles and to improve air porosity around the roots for better growth.
  • We offer Husk Chips Blocks in Compress 5kg Block. These are perfect mixtures and come with more sieve size variants.

Mixed Blocks

We offer mixed blocks where the coconut shell chips are mixed with peat in various propositions with respect to the plant requirements.
We offer mixed blocks in the following compositions.

Types of Blocks

50% Coir peat & 50% Husk Chips Blocks
70% Coir Peat & 30% Husk Chips Blocks
30% Coir Peat & 70% Husk Chips Blocks
60% Coir Peat & 40% Husk Chips Blocks

While mixer proposition depends on the plant requirements, customized propositions can also be supplied.


A standard 40 HC container contains 20 pallets. Goods are packed in special UV protected polyethylene film. Holes for planting and draining can be made buyer scope.

U.V. Treated (3 years) Polybag is Inner black outer white are tightened to the pallet with PVC strapping materials and carton gussets to be protected from any damage during transit and discharge.

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